Main 3 errors in trading


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commit in the future if you leave this letter unread.

TOP 3 errors that lead to a drain:

Stop Loss, which is not tied to important points on the chart! It can be levels, extremes (maximum prices), tails of daily bars. If you put Stop Loss “for good luck”, there is a risk of losing a profitable position when the price starts testing the level.
A sharp increase in risk. Finished a month in plus and decided to double the percentage of risk? Do the stops become longer and the volumes of trade are larger? This is a sure way to losses. Raise the "degree" should be smoothly and gradually. We made a profit - increased the risk from 3% to 4%. But not immediately to 10% of the deposit!
False confidence. “I trade stably,” traders often say. But is it really so? Do you know the real statistics of your trade? But she hides important points! For example, the assets that generate the most profit and those that “eat it up”. Throw the last out of your algorithm and you will see how the result changes.
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And now the correct answer to the question from the test that you passed at the beginning of the letter!

DO NOT put Stop Loss behind the tail of a false breakout! False breakdown does not become a strong level if there is no confirmation of it (repeated touching the same point). Binding Stop Loss to it is unreasonable and dangerous.