Special Invitation—Crypto Makes A Comeback... Is It Time To Buy?


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Bitcoin, the largest and most popular digital currency, has made a strong comeback this year. It has surged more than 159%, breaking the $10,000 mark again this week. Other cryptocurrencies are making even bigger gains.

As tech-savvy Millennials and seasoned investors alike become keenly interested in adding crypto assets into their portfolio, many are asking ... is now the right time to buy?

Join us for this exclusive Forbes webinar to learn what's ahead for crypto assets. Lead by crypto investing experts Jack Tatar and Michael del Castillo, we will explore:

  • What's behind the strong resurgence of crypto assets?
  • What role should crypto play as an alternative asset class in your portfolio?
  • How much should you buy?
  • Is regulation good or bad for this new asset class?
  • What exactly is Facebook Libra?
  • And more...
Plus, a live Q&A session to answer your most pressing questions and concerns about crypto assets.